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Burkburnett Agricultural Education Mission Statment

The Burkburnett ISD Agricultural Education Program is dedicated to the development of an edcuational environment that helps each person grow into a creative, sensitive, and thinking adult.  Agricultural education is part of a career development continuum from career motivation, orientation, and exploration through career development.  Adult education is an important part of the total program.

The program's goal is to prepare students to pursue, obtain, and succeed at entry-level jobs, entrepreneurship in agriculture, or in their further education.  Students develop an awareness that work is society's way of creating, preserving, changing, and improving their environment.

Provisions are made to allow for individual differences in all cooperative, on-the-job, and classroom experiences.  It is essential to help each person develop self-understanding and the ability to self-evaluate to initiate change when necessary.  The teacher strives to create in students self-respect and personal values that will help them become more effective and happy persons.  The teacher acknowledges and encourages student participation and interaction in accomplishing needed change while encouraging students to accept responsibility for their actions.

Student participation and interaction are provided through planned leadership activities in FFA.  The FFA provides opportunities for cooperation, citizenship, and leadership development at the local, state, and national levels.  Students gain exerience in decision making, learning to accpet responsibility, and participate in activities that may lead to more purposeful use of work and leisure time.

The development of wholesome community-school relations is essential in the establishment, planning, and evaluation of the agricultural education program.  Supervised Agricultural Experience visits, parent conferences, and visits to employers and prospective employers are used to help interpret students' needs.  Close student-teacher relationships combine with work and classroom achievements to give students a critical awareness of and respect for the community, the country, our democratic principles, and their obligations to each.





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